why do young men make it so tempting on us women. To be unfaithful and just go get some of that young stud? especially my car mechanic , flexing his muscles as he so steadly wipes the grease from his hands. like the hansome construction workers on the side of the road , looking at you as you drive by. why do young sexy men make it so hard on us ladies?


maybe try resetting the batteries
The metal rod in your back will have no impact on the effects of being struck by lightning. The large majority of people struck are killed. Those that are not killed suffer long lasting effects. Metal does not attract lightning.
take some toothpaste rub it on until its squeaky and you have taken off the oils put on during production that cause fogging
That constant chirping is telling you the batteries are low or dead. Also, for lack of a better term, smoke/fire detectors have an element in them that goes bad. If the unit is still beeping after putting new batteries in, it may be time to replace the unit. High humidity also causes them to go bad. Over a long period of time, the humid air is tantamount to immersing the unit in water.

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