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The computer does not have a monitor power jack

My computer is 05 years of the original machine, bought a second-hand host today, but Lenovo monitor power cord, in the second-hand chassis can not find the jack above, ask how to solve the power to buy directly with the plug on the line more


Nylon resistance to fight, but also play the far away, you can not access, generally play duck hair, goose feathers too expensive
Nylon ball it, feel no real goose hair ball so good, but the characteristics is resistant to playing, good nylon ball, or can be used for some entertainment. Goose feathers are generally used for the game, but there are also good times, of course, your general is better, such as YY AS. victory high-end ball. YY an existing AS. goose off the ball, played, good resistance to play, but more expensive, of course, is equivalent to the duckling ball. Duck ball is now the most commonly used kind of ball, because he is relatively cheap. The main difference, mainly the ball head, we all know, badminton head is soft wood of course is the best, the other, the use of stitching wood.
Nylon ball flight path is not good, like missiles, not to the high point of the drop characteristics. Goose feathers strong resistance to play, good shots are goose feathers. But it is too expensive. Duck hair is not as big as the goose, so do the ball, good ball okay, slightly worse is really good and bad.

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