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Those people who stick flyers under your windshield wipers.?

Lets say im coming out of a grocery store and I walk up to my car and see a dude sticking one under my windshield wiper. First off he‘s touching my physical property, and secondly he‘s technically littering on my property as well, because now IM responsible for picking up the paper and taking care of it.As ridiculous as it sounds dont I have a right to be upset about it? i mean im just so annoyed, there is nothing worse than getting into your car, then looking up and having to get back out because some douche put his bands concert details on my windshield.obviously i wouldnt actually go through the process of filing charges or anything, but i do feel justified in confronting the person, however a few people have told me to get over it and they have a RIGHT to do that.so do they really have that right?


does not count in case you very own it or no longer. All that concerns is YOU have been the single which threw it on the floor. the two put in your vehicle, that's no longer made up of acid or something which will smash your vehicle till you get it to a trash can and you may cave in it up, or park close to a trash are you able to can placed it in once you come out. Throwing it on the floor IS littering.
It doesn't bother me to much, because I have found some bargains on those flyer's before, but I wish they would just advertise it somewhere where they are granted permission. some people are evil and conniving, I am scared they will break off my wiper on accident or something
well it is a grey area as it is advertising. just crumple up and throw at the dude

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