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Tires for my 03 Accord?

Looking for high-mileage tires for my 03 Accord. My last tires didn‘t last as long as I had hoped does anyone know what tires last longest?


if there is no transmission you cannot speed up your car with different speed such us first gear, second gear, etc. electric cars not capable of producing variable speed like cars with transmission.
A transmission or gearbox provides a speed-torque conversion (commonly known as gear reduction or speed reduction) from a higher speed motor to a slower but more forceful output or vice-versa, using the principle of mechanical advantage.
whilst a vehicle is travelling, larger-diameter tires will rotate at fewer RPMs than smaller-diameter tires. This many times would not reason plenty important concern, if any, whilst the diameter of the tires on the front is particular from the diameter of the tires in the rear, even for vehicles now not extremely designed for this (whilst that's carried out, many times the better tires are located in the rear). regardless of if, you're able to see issues once you have have been given terrific diameter tires on the equivalent end of the motor vehicle (front or rear). this would have an result on coping with, and would desire to reason vibration at greater effective speeds. As I acknowledged, some vehicles are generally designed to hire greater useful-diameter tires in the rear. in the adventure that your vehicle isn't a sort of, you will desire to nevertheless be geared up to try this, regardless of if in case you pick to be precise to get the comparable dealing with because of the fact the kind meant, all 4 tires will would desire to be the comparable diameter, so that they are waiting to all rotate on the comparable quantity of RPMs.
for variable power to the wheels depending on load and for optimal efficiency
A little more information would be helpful as a 03' Accord can have one of 4 different tire sizes fitted depending on specific model, and the options for available tires can be very different for each. If your vehicle specifies a P195/65R15 89H sized tire then the Bridgestone Turanza w/Serenity technology is a real creampuff of a tire with tons of neat features and a 70,000 mile treadwear warranty. It's the Lexus of tires in this size. The Michelin Primacy MXV4 (make sure it says Primacy meaning its the new version of the MXV4 not the old) is the only tire than can really compete with the Bridgestone but with a slightly lower 60k mileage warranty. The Goodyear Assurance Tripletread will be the mileage leader though with an 80k mile treadwear warranty. Very good tire for those who live in wet and/or snowy climates too. At a lower end of the price spectrum the Kuhmo Solus KH16 promises 60,000 miles in a performance all-season tire. If you have the P205/65R15 92H the choices should be the same. If you have the P205/60R16 91V (most V6 models) your going to have a real hard time finding a long-wearing tire. They just don't exist at these speed ratings but the market is improving. A couple of years ago you couldn't even find a tire that offered a mileage warranty in a V speed rating. The Firestone Firehawk GT offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty. Good handling tire too. The Michelin Primacy MXV4 is probably the mileage leader at 60,000 miles - again make sure it says Primacy. Honda's with this size come with the old MXV4 that does not have a mileage warranty and rarely last more than 30-40k. Then there is the Cooper CS4 Touring with a 60k mileage warranty. All of those options are new on the market this year. A year ago, you'd be out of luck for a long-lasting tire in this size. If you have the P215/50R17 93V then your only real choices are the BF Goodrich Traction T/A or the Cooper CS4 Touring, each with a 60,000 mile warranty.

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