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Titanium or ceramic??!!!?

Which plates are better for your hair? I have a ceramic plate straightener, but I am thinking of buying a titanium hair straightener? Which is better for my hair?!


put a couple of pieces off paper towels over the spot and iron it. The idea is to melt it wax and have the towel absorb it.
DO NOT buy a Titanium plate straightener please. They are not good for your hair! It causes much more damage, the heat is not distributed evenly causing more breakage. BUT If you bought your current ceramic straightener at a drug store (target, walmart, CVS, etc.) Chances are it's not real ceramic. A lot of their straighteners claim to be real ceramic but in reality they cover the very top layer of the iron with ceramic coating. In the end it will also damage your hair. Ceramic is deffinatley the way to go just make sure it's real ceramic. Good luck! :)
Hold a blow dryer up to the spot apply heat. As the wax begins to soften, wipe it off with a plastic knife.

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