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Toyota T100 rear axle shafts?

I am looking for rear axle shafts for my 1996 t100, toyota carries them but I‘m not paying almost 600 a piece. So any help please!


Stock Junk? I cannot imagine a scenario that would involve breaking the stock shafts (which are, by all standards, oversized) but still allowing the use of a relatively weak housing. Out of the entire drivetrain (motor, transmission, transfer case, driveline, rear differential, axle shafts), the axle shafts are the absolute last thing I would consider in need of an upgrade. If your truck is so heavily modified that the axle shafts are the last remaining weak link, then more power to you, but I would think that you would have found an aftermarket manufacturer that could do this sort of work without asking on Y!A and putting down the one person that tried to help (note that you did not state you wanted aftermarket originally - in fact you mentioned not wanting to pay Toyota list price for the stock piece). So, all that said, you're not going to find a cheap source of aftermarket shafts for an axle that (virtually) nobody ever upgrades. Poly Performance *might* have what you need. Otherwise, I'd just find a competent machine shop and have them made custom.
May 28, 2018
if it is a rear wheelchronic vehicle it take some specific equipment. you will desire to open the rear diff. equipment container interior the middle. you do away with the tire on the side it particularly is bend you disconnect the axle interior the equipment container **** you're able to desire a bearing puller to do away with the shaft out the tire side. it particularly is the now frustrating area and you will screw up the race (the housing the bearing sits in) authentic easy in case you hammer it. replace the shaft - reconnect - close the equipment container and replenish with fluid. reinstall tire. word if the wobble is authentic undesirable you could desire to confirm the race the place the bearing sits in case it is warped.
May 28, 2018

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