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Tractor driving reversing skills?

Tractor driving reversing skills


When reversing, if straight driving around to slight shaking in the steering wheel, so as to maintain a towed trailer without deviation; if you turn the need to reverse, driving method with bicycle driving instead, such as trailers need backward on the left, the main car needs at the right direction.In addition, when driving a tractor, you should try to master the location of the two cars of the main vehicle and the trailer.
Tractor reversing skills:When the tractor is reversing, the steering wheel rotates in reverse direction with the reverse direction of the bicycle.Two, sharp bend road conditions, reduce the speed.Three, left bend road, the front side to pull out of the tractor.Four, the right-hand bend road, the inside and back should be close to the central line of the road.Five, in the next reversing, do not impatient, must observe the reverse mirror, looking for good cars sense of distance and direction.

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