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hey thereI want to use a battery charger as a transformerWhat's the difference between a charger and a transformer.?can they be interchanged? Obviously voltage, amp , wattage needs to be the sameI know this much.butcan a charger be used as a transformer?.why or why not?cheers


A dynamic microphone could theoretically try this. It consists of a magnet that interacts with a coil linked to a diaphragm that generates an electric powered sign in step with sound. however the quantity of capability produced is amazingly feeble and that i doubt if this may be utilized in a functional charging gadget. For a cellular telephone, i could think of that a producing gadget in step with action could be greater effective, considering they're consistently driving around in one's pocket.
They are basically the same AC to DC power supply. The only difference is that the charger has circuit to detect if the battery has been fully charged. If you are referring to the charger adaptor compared to a AC/DC adaptor? They are exactly the same as long as they have the same voltage and current rating including the DC jack. In addition to your new question: The charger control circuit will not shut off the charger but it will shift the charger into what techies call trickle charging. Google trickle charging to know more. It's to long to explain here.
A charger is a unit with a transformer supplying about 50% higher voltage than the battery it is to charge, which is changed from alternating to direct current mode by rectification using diodes. So all chargers contain a transformer, which could be used in isolation. A transformer on its own simply steps down(or up) the applied voltage and is ac. in and ac out. It works by the alternating current changing magnetic flux and cannot work on dc.
A battery charger will have a transformer in it as part of the circuit. A transformer will take the 110 volts AC and either raise or the lower the AC voltage to what is needed. A transformer in a battery charger will typically reduce the voltage. But the charger will have additional circuitry to change the AC voltage from the transformer to a DC voltage and then regulate the charging of the battery. You have to have DC voltage to charge a battery.

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