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Using an electric blanket?

I use an electric blanket every night and leep it on the highest heat all night long. I freeze all the time, especially at night. It is a sunbeam blanket. Does anyone else use them and do you think it is ok to leave them on all night. I really get so cold at night that I do not know any thing else to cover up with that would work as good. The reason I am asking is because I was reading some comments on them on theis site and some people think they are fire hazards and that just scares me to death. Thank you all!


It sounds like someone had a saved file on the game with a set of items. You get items from locations such as Toad's house, Hammer Bros., and Secret Spade Marks; some of them are also available in hidden areas of certain levels. Here are the special suits you can get: Frog Suit: You get it from certain Toad Houses, such as the one hidden behind the rock in Desert World and one in Ocean World. Hammer Bros. Suit: It lets you throw hammers! It's cool. Hidden in various Toad Houses in worlds 5-7. Tanooki Suit: Works like the raccoon tail, but also allows you to turn into a statue. Hidden in various Toad Houses in worlds 5-7.
Try and pull the fuse. It may be connected to something else, but at least it will stop the alarm. What it may be, is the lock, when you unlock the door, it may use a plastic device that activates and deactivates the alarm. That's how the older sportages were anyways. It just wares out. It's just a pivioting piece of plastic. It might be in the shape of a diamond. It tends to ware out. It's just plastic vs. steel.

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