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Variable High Frequency High Voltage Power-supply /transformer, possible?

Hi, I need a High Frequency( example~200khz) High voltage(200 000v) power supply at low microcurrent, I know that a Tesla coil fits the bill very easily . But I need to manually VARY the frequency(say from 100khz to 200khz ) while keeping the High voltage the same? Is this possible, Can some one guide me where I can buy or build this? Can I just for instance connect just a van de graaf or a rectified Tesla Coil to a function generator? If not what do I need to do to achieve what I want? I have been searching without help so your support is much appreciatedThanks


The Tesla coil needs to operate at the same resonant frequency on both the primary and secondary sides of the loosely coupled transformer. The resonant frequency is set by the inductance and capacitance of each side. The problem is there are no high voltage solid state capacitors (varactor diodes like you see in r.f. receivers that adjust the tank circuit frequency) on the primary side, and no way to adjust the top hat toroid capacitor on the secondary side (unless maybe it was a mylar covered balloon with vacuum deposited aluminum that could be remotely inflated or deflated). So you are stuck with whatever high voltage capacitor and toroid top hat you have on hand, and the inductance of the coils you wind that ends up being the resonant frequency. Even then it takes a lot of fiddling to get both in tune to give the maximum voltage output. The input frequency to the primary coil (the 555 circuit used in the step up with the flyback transformer- its frequency was chosen solely due to the flyback's frequency design) has little to do with the primary's resonant frequency; again that is set by the capacitor used and the size and number of turns of the primary coil.

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