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Was lightning hitting the Vatican a sign? I'm not Catholic btw. Christian.?

I'm just a normal Christian that tries to worship Jesus to the best of my ability. Moreover, I don't want to be Catholic mainly because of their supposed pagan beliefs. However, I found it intriguing that lightning struck the vatican only a short time after the Pope announced his resignation. What does this mean (note, I'm familiar with the verse that satan fell like lightning etc)? Supposedly the Vatican gets struck by lightning 40-50 times a year considering it's basically one big lightning rod. Can Catholics explain the reasons they do certain things, such as pray to Mary and saints even though they aren't in Heaven and are waiting for the second coming, confession even though Jesus said we could boldly come to the throne of God, worshipping statues even though God said not to worship graven images etc.


I'm sure if u look close enough u'll find out
Yes you can be arrested and charged. During an emergency they have the authority. The charged would be something like obstruction or some similar wording. EDIT What about a GAS leak? The building could be all glass and still you won't know about the gas until it's way too late. You could die from intoxication (which is more common than you think). OR the bulding could blow up in a sec (in my town a whole building was gone due to a gas leak explosion; the bodies of several employees and managers where never found, the only thing that was left was a big hole in the ground). So in simple words, you don't always can see the danger coming. If you hear the alarm just leave. Also emergency personnel have legal responsability, if they let you stay inside knowing about the possible danger then they could get fired and even get charged with criminal negligence if something happens to you.

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