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Wat do you mean my a multi axle vehicle? (in Trucks)?

I want to know wat an axle does in a truck.And wat are multiple axles used for.Why in Trucks? How it helps


Per the dictionary: A supporting shaft or member on or with which a wheel or a set of wheels revolves. A ten wheeler such as a larger dump truck would have 3 axles; one for the front wheels and 2 for the rear wheels. Each rear axle has four wheels on it instead of two. The heavier load that a vehicle carries the more axles and wheels are required to carry the weight and distribute it.
May 28, 2018
An axle is the device that connects the vehicle to the ground. For larger commercial type vehicles the axle is a 2 part system. First it allows the weight hauled to be spread out evenly along the entire length of the vehicle. This is important when crossing bridges, off-highway applications and is much easier on the road way as it does less damage. The second application axles supply is rubber to the road which is used in braking. In a small car 4 wheels are sufficent to stop a car weighing 2-4 k lbs. Commercial tractor trailers in the US can weigh 80k for the standard combo, and even more with permits. The more axles you have, the more brakes on each axle become available and the easier the vehicle is to effectivley stop.
May 28, 2018

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