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weighted clothing to increase speed?

i usually warm-up,strech and i practice my kicks and manuever


Dannica Patrick peeling off her fire suit.
~ picard and crusher never had a romance, except in an episode featuring possible future events. ~ wesley went off with an alien known as the traveller and he had a cameo appearence in the film nemesis at troy and riker's wedding wearing a jr lieutenant uniform (whether he rejoined starfleet or it's just what he decided to wear for the occation, is unclear). ~ chain of command (picard is torchered by cardasians, and captain jellico (ronny cox) has command of the enterprise ~ in one episode, a crew member with the power of Q is told if she ever uses it, she will have to join the continium, or die. ~ troy does get taken hostage a few times and even gets taken over by aliens a few times, also kidnapped once and placed on a romulan ship after having her face alteredshe even gave birth to an alien once. ~ romances : troy and riker, crusher and a ghost, riker and the female leader of a female dominated planet, picard and vash (an archioligist and thief), data and tasha yar, wesley twice.

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