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Welded D30/35 Jeep axles?

I may buy a jeep that the D30/35 has been welded for wheeling. what is my best option for swapping back? Whats the cheapest option and whats the best VALUE of an upgrade can I just swap out for lockers? Im not sure what all is welded.


It means that the spider gears in the differentials have been welded together, so that both wheels are locked together. It's a way to get your axles locked without spending too much money, but I wouldn't do it. Which Jeep vehicle are these in? YJ? TJ? XJ cherokee? My answer for upgrades will depend on which it is. If it's a YJ, I think I'd just replace everything except the case on the D30 up front and get a Ford 8.8 out of a 95 or 96 Explorer, it's almost a bolt-in and usually they had limited slip. If it's a TJ, I'd look for a high-pinion D30 out of an XJ, and find a D44 out of another TJ XJ Cherokee, if it's a high-pinion D30 I'd replace everything except the case or maybe get a selectable locker like an Arb or Ox, and find a D44 for the rear. In my experience, D35s are pretty much useless anywhere except on pavement
May 28, 2018

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