Whales and money?

Last night, I dreamt I was swimming with humpback whales in a man made ocean that was next to my house, i had to escape because I had already been swallowed once and the only way to escape was to block the blowhole of the whale with a dime causing it to gasp for air (I know it doesnt make sense but i cant help it)I took an elevator out of the ocean and into the grarage of the most amazing house I have ever seen and it was supposedly mineeverything I saw was the best and the most expensive and then my friend Christine was there, she would be my rich friend and she went swimming with the whales with me.I just dont get why either the money aspect or the whales were so prominent in my dreamany ideas?


Wow, very cool! Here's something I found about whales: Ancient, grand, wisdom, intuition, or the subconsciousAuthentic personal power, integrity, or good willFor more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood outI also think of whales as something huge, hard to control (think Moby Dick), like a force to be reckoned with An ocean is something vast and overwhelming, where you're out of your depthWater can mean emotions or constant changeSwimming in it without difficulty may mean you're doing well though, able to keep your head above waterBeing manmade makes me think you're making problems for yourself or putting yourself into these situationsHaving been swallowed means these problems have already taken their toll, and you'd like to avoid that happeningNow the money is interesting, because it is currency, value, in other words, something you've earned and worked forBut, it's just a dime! So it's just a startTaking an elevator, you're able to move from this situation, if it's up, that's good, you're progressingIf it's down, that could mean something hiddenBut look where you end up! An amazing house of riches that is YOURSThat is a very good dreamYou have a vast store of riches, the best of everything, think of it in terms of your resources for livingInside you are richesYou and your friend have conquered the whales - the monsters - and can enjoy your wealthIt's a really nice dream of having overcome or worked through some difficulties.

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