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What about the desk chairs that touch off the paint

What about the desk chairs that touch off the paint?


Paint repair method for table and chair to touch off paint:If the solid wood table or other solid wood furniture in the house has fallen off the paint, it can be repaired and repaired by mending the paint.First of all, to find with the original solid wood table of the same color paint, if there is no exactly the same color, you can use similar colors instead. After finding the wood paint, clean the furniture with the soft cloth first, and keep it clean
Oct 25, 2017
Next, with the fine sand paper to paint the place to carry on the careful polishing, causes the furniture gap to be smooth, does not have the burr, the bulge and so on. Finally, apply the oily putty in the sanding area and paint it. It is worth noting that the painting was good scraping putty, putty to completely dry before, usually putty dry time is 2 to 3 hours to paint, paint and other times to 3 times, a paint is completely dry before the second time to paint, and paint before in addition to ash. Furniture repair paint is best to choose in sunny weather, fine wood paint dry faster, better color effect. If there is no putty at home, you can also use glue instead of putty. When the glue is dry, spray it directly with paint. Furniture paint removal, furniture after painting, in addition to the above mentioned paint, but also can use some supplies for remediation.
Oct 25, 2017
If the wood floor for placing a boiling water cup appeared white hot streak, you can use a soft cloth dipped in tea water or toilet water on the floor clean and dry cloth. If only on the surface of furniture at the edge of a slight falling film can be painted with pencil, with colorless nail polish can also achieve remedial effect. To avoid paint with paint in the normal use of solid wood furniture, not a cup of hot water directly on the bedside table or on the floor; after home don't put heavier if lost in the wood on porch ark; home scissors and other sharp objects should have closed, not easy to fall height, side hung on the wood floor.
Oct 25, 2017

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