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What are all the different type of detectors?

I mean as in gas detector, smoke detector, etc.


Yes the earth will experience warming cycles and cooling cycles no matter what mankind does. Those are the plain scientific facts of the matter. It's like the sun rising and setting, global warming and cooling have been going on since the dawn of time. Just ask any Geologist.
As a geologist, I understand better than most that climate has never been stable, isn't stable, and never will be unless our technology and knowledge increases by many magnitudes. The chemical energy released in converting hydrocarbons to CO2 is not what causes global warming. That reminds me of a Sting commercial a few years ago,The forest burns, the earth heats up, the greenhouse effect. It doesn't matter if leftist don't know the science, they are treated as experts (i.e Al Gore, and every Hollywood bimbo and bimbob you could name). There is a new psychological disorder that is festering in the world, it is the fear of warmth and it is generally associated with fear of corporations and prosperity and is accompanied by delusions of knowledge. It is also associated with insatiable urge to hug glaciers.
In the short term yes. We are committed to a certain amount of warming and the planet is starting to respond. Some warming is natural, but a significant proportion is caused by human activity. Reducing emissions and better managing land scape changes and farming can reduce anthropogenic emissions and slow the accelerated rate of warming in the short to medium term. This give ecosystems more time to adjust and allow humans to identify changes occurring and respond. In the long term, we may be able to return to a near natural rate of change depending on the actions we choose today. The longer we wait, the more difficult and expensive this becomes and the less control we have. That is why the call for action by scientist. The first step (cutting emissions) is the hardest. Once we do that, we my look to altering energy flows, but that will be tricky on a planetary scale. Look at the trouble with cutting emissons (promoting conservation, alternative fuels, etc).
I would say kane and taker vs the shield vs wyatt family for tt titles. Kane and taker winning that would be phenominal
Based on observations, measurements and models scientists try to predict what the planet will do. No one knows with absolute certainty. The climate isn't stable, per se, meaning that over extended periods of time there are cycles, it will fluctuate. The debate in this forum is how humans have altered natural cycles. I don't think that nature developed humans as a way to relieve a build up. I do believe that humans have the capacity to affect change on a scale that is faster than the planet and its many inhabitants can adapt to. Fortunately, we have some very smart, motivated people on the planet who have been studying the situation and are prepared to help implement mitigative measures. How that plays out is a question for the future. Let's check in again in 20 years and see what's happening then, shall we?

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