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What color bed products are more likely to help sleeps?

What color bed products are more likely to help sleep?


A good color can help you adjust your mood. If the color is too deep, for a long time, will make people feel depressed; the color is too bright is not good, some couples choose love colored curtains, but for a long time, can cause visual fatigue, make people upset. In fact, try to simplify the selection of light green, light blue, fresh and natural color, can make people feel happy; people prone to insomnia, can try to use red, with black curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible.
Too much red can cause anxiety, therefore, insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease patients should not use the red bed kit, so as not to aggravate the condition. In addition, the spring, summer and two seasons, the color of the bedding suite should choose fresh and elegant cool colors; and the two quarter of winter and winter temperatures drop, cold weather, bedding package color should be warm.
Make your choice according to your professional characteristics. Different colors enter people's eyes, stimulate the cerebral cortex, make people produce cold, hot, deep, shallow, bright and dark feeling, produce quiet, excited, nervous, relaxed emotional effect. The use of this emotional effect to regulate "exciting stoves" can reduce or eliminate occupational fatigue. For example, you are engaged in high temperature stove or outdoor hot sun exposure work, residential color is best to choose green or blue, so that your optic nerve from the "hot" feeling transition to "cold" vision. If you are flashing multicolored lamps in the dance hall or the department store goods a superb collection of beautiful things, then your bedroom with a neutral white guests'glasses, can make you excited mind quickly "condensation".
The bedroom large area color, generally refers to the wall, ground, top three most basic colors, furniture fabric color, the color of the ceiling should not light weight, and the color of the floor should be slightly dark colors, furniture color to size, indoor light attention and room tone combination, and with the wall, the ground color coordination, but not too close, otherwise there is no off each other, does not produce good results. Girls room to soft and warm, the main feeling fresh, elegant, not outdated.
According to your wall furniture color collocation to see a comfortable, comfortable color is called color uniform, harmonious, elegant, warm, such as curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases are using the same color, try not to use color contrast, to avoid too strong sense and not easy to sleep.

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