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What color is the hardener in Easy Cast Resin supposed to be?

So I've purchased at least 20 boxes of Easy Cast Resin in the past year and the bottles of hardener were various shades of yellow, the most common being a rather light yellow. I went ahead and purchased a new box from Michaels last week but I didn't open it until today and the hardener was a shade of yellow that's similar to whiskey. I've heard the product can turn into a shade of amber if you have it more than 6 months, and it would never properly harden. So is the whiskey yellow shade normal and still safe to use or should I just exchange it at the store? I've seen sellers online offer boxes that have a bottle that's a similar shade, so I would really just like to be sure it's safe to use before I open it (I would do a test but if I open/use the product, I wouldn't be able to exchange it and I'd rather not waste my money on something that would end up in the trash).


yes, you can tape a magnet to the reed switch and the alarm will not go off. other ways: direct bypass- open the window, arm the system. The system will protest arming because of the open window. When it protests, push the bypass button on the keypad and the system will begin to arm without that window being part of the system. second magnet: place a 2nd magnet in the location on the window sill that allows the window to be armed while open. It is basically fooling the system into thinking the window is closed
I'm happy you got caught. Stupid immature young adults like you should a learn a lesson or two on how to treat fire extinguishers and when not to enter a construction site (it's unsafe!)

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