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What details of a motorcycle are important when purchasing one?

Any suggestions for good bikes?


Most motorcycles have simple bicylcle styled odometers. When buying used don't pay attention to the miles. It is too easy and too common to turn back the miles. Instead, look at how easy does the bike start. Does it smoke on startup. How much tire tread does it have. Do the valves make a lot of noise. How much depth is left of the brakes. Even with drum brakes most bikes have a guage where you can see how much life is left. How worn are the rubber parts, such as foot pegs and hand grips. Do all the lights work. Does it have factory original parts. Many people claim that certain modifications add to the value of a bike. But, if it doesn't have the factory original to me it means they intended to run it hard. How many years old is it. Lastly, I would ask if the miles sound reasonable. If it doesn't state so to the owner. Less than 2000 miles per year is a formula for gummed up carburators. If it starts and runs fine and is 8 years old with less than 16,000 miles. I would ask if they have had to do any work on the carburators.
Jun 27, 2018
Don't buy Chinese. Buy Japanese. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc. Don't start with a 600cc bike. Start small. Then look at things such as Power ratio's. Engine displacement, look for things like fuel injection. 4 stroke or 2 stroke.
Jun 27, 2018

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