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What do you encounter on a regular basis that are made with aluminum? ?

What other elements, besides aluminum can be recycled?You could also use the periodic table.


Airplanes, light posts, fences, signs well a lotBasically all elements can be recycledThe question is whether it can be done in a profitable way In the Netherlands citizens have to recycle certain types of packinging by dumping it in a specific container: - glass - paper - plastic bottles - drinking cartons (which is not just paper) - cans - chemical waste like paint, batteries (car and regular), anything that contains a battery such as an iPod.
Hello ShelbChili is always a favorite at Super Bowl partiesHere's a recipe I found online (don't know who to credit for It), but it sounds like it just might be one of the things you are looking forTake a lookCrock Pot Chili Brisket What you will need A crock pot 2 cups of dried dried beans - soak them overnightCan be stored for a number of days in the fridge after this preperation, or use straight awaySuitable beans to use for this recipe include Pinto beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, great northern beans, or navy beans2 pounds or 1 kilo piece of brisket - remove the fat3 sticks of fresh celery 1 cup of chopped muchrooms 2 large onions, diced 2 cans of tomatos 1 can of tomato paste/puree2 whole red habeneros 2 jalepenos 2 New Mexican chiles Preparation Deveined, deseed and chop teh chilis - if you want your chili brisket really spicy then leave some or all seeds in (only recomended for those that can eat fire!) Fetch a large fry pan or skillet and heat, throw in a dash of olive oil and then place your brisket in the pan to brownCook for two to three minutes on either sideOnce the brisket is browned set aside and prepare the vegetables abovechop, dice and put all into your crockpot with the chilis, cans of tomato and tomato pasteCube the brisket and add to crockpotCook for 6-8 hours on a low heat or until meat is tender when poked with a forkServe with plenty of grated cheese and chopped fresh onionEnjoy, Sam

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