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What exactly are isolations dancing wise?

Is it sort of like popping and locking where you move each body part separately?


from my personal experience i have found most gain from tricep push downs at the cable machine, try 4 sets, going to failure each set, starting at 10 reps, up weight, down to 8.. and then down to 6.. and for the 4th set drop weight about 40% and rep to failure.. that will give you a good burn,,, oh and only rest about 60 seconds between sets
Okay, you probably shouldn't of been driving that fast if you couldn't make a complete stop. Another is, just because it's a county deputy, doesn't mean he controls the city street conditions, and because you were in a small town, it is the cities job to take care of the streets, not the counties. The reason why the deputy was in the town and not out in the middle of nowhere, is either he is bored and wants to go into the city, or he is assigned to that city. The city and county probably have a contract. The way you fight this, is go to traffic court and maybe the judge is feeling nice that day and lets you go. So just go fight it at traffic court.
The same thing actually happened to my mother with our neighbors after she tried to get a tax abatement because they own a junk yard right across the street from us. They took this as an insult and have harassed our family ever since. She got a restraining order on them at the local police department, which forced the town law enforcement to start taking notice about such things. They got involved, and once the man of the family had all eyes on him he started to calm down a little. He barely bothers us now. My suggestion is to just get the law involved so as to scare them. That will make them calm down. EDIT: He was making threats to us too, and even those stopped after he got his attention. So I wouldn't worry about that. This could be a more serious situation than I am figuring though, so just get law enforcement involved, and if it isn't getting any better, you may have to consider moving. I wouldn't concider that until all other attempts haven't worked.

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