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what fender is better? delux or standard? both american?

so lookin to buy a guitareither an american delux strat or a standard strati know the standard is more popular but the delux seems better.


Hello! If you can afford it, the extra money for the American Deluxe model buys you a lot of really great features! You get better pickups (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless), more tone flexibility (the S-1 switching system) plus an upgraded tremolo bridge, and locking machine tunersThey even throw in provision for the Schaller strap locks, which is a very nice touchThe upgraded parts alone cost more than the $300 price difference! I was disappointed to see that Fender was no longer offering the LSR Roller Nut on the Deluxe model, but it is still a terrific package of added optionsI had replaced the tuners, nut, and bridge on my 1993 American Standard with equivalent parts, and the improvement in tuning stability was really significantChoose the Deluxe, you won’t be sorry! Best regards, Dana

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