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What has high fiber but doesn't taste like crap?

The cereal is ok, but I can't take it anymoreAny other suggestions? I don't like raisins, so Raisin Bran is out too.Thank you.


75 is dang hot when in the heating modeKeep it at 70 when you are home and cut it back to 60 while you are gone.
I'd kill to keep my thermo at 75Our gas bills are so high up North, you'd cringeHow high you ask, let me fill you in.last winter, one of the warmest winters on record (but still freezing up here) I turned my forced air heat down to 56 degrees and shut myself in one room with a kerosene heater (one of the small ones for personal use) when I came home from workI still paid a couple of hundred dollars a month for my small, well insulated apartment between the electric and the gasSo up here, we keep it at 62 degrees at night (Brrrrr) and 68 when we are home.I'm moving to South Carolina.
Unless youre leaving for a long vacation, i would leave it right at the tempeture you want it to be.maintaining a tempeture is the best thing you could do for your gas billIf you have a digital thermostat, with a hold feature, use itBelieve it or not it will cost the same to maintain your home at 75, as it would be to maintain anything lessIf your suffering from high gas bills, try looking at other things like where the heat loss is goingleaking windows, insulation, etchope this helps just think how long your furnace runs, trying to get back up to temp from where you left it, when you left for workit may run up to a hour to get there.not good for you, but good for the gas company.
Brown sugar frosted Mini Wheat's, Great flavor and and keeps you full !! Toasted wheat bread Whole wheat muffins Wheat is a great high fiber grain.
68 degrees is what they suggest but if you need to be warmer it just cost a little moregood luck my friend, you'll get use to it.

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