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what/how much alcohol can I buy for $2.50?



in my area (NE PA) you can buy a silo of Busch (24 oz can) for $1.50. try and scrape up another 50 cents and you can get 2 of them!!
Maybe a case of wine coolers or one 40 ounce malt beer? or a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 or a bottle of Boones. P.S. All that stuff will mess you up bad. I hope you're ready to face the raging hangover.
A bottle of Charles Shaw wine at Trader Joe's is $2 (it's nicknamed 2 buck Chuck). It's not the best wine you'll ever have, but it's drinkable and cheap!
Try Boone's Farm wine, usually pretty cheap...or maybe a single beer like a 40 ounce, or a 22 ounce, or a 32 ouncer....Flavored beer is sold like this too...or a small sampler or wiskey or pucker...maybe a pint depending on what kind it is...depends too where you are in the U.S. Are you 21?
The only chance you have of getting alcohol for that low of a price is if the cover charge at a bar is that low and some man inside thinks your cute and buys you drinks. In itself it won't be enough for even one drink.

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