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What is a cv axle and what does it do?

I was driving my car when it just stopped going. I can start the car it just won‘t move. Several mechanics have told me it needs a new transmission but one mechanic told me it just needs a cv axel I want to know what is a cv axel. What does it do?


the cv axle is what makes it go but one side is for forward gears and the other is for reverse usually they both wont go out at the same time id try reverse then forward and while I was doing that listen for the tyranny to shift if it don't then it could be linkage if not its the transmission
May 28, 2018
A CV Axle transmits the drive from the transmission to the wheels. Usually if one is bad, when you put the car in gear you will hear a horrible grinding noise and the car won't move. If the car is in Park or Neutral the noise will go away and you will be able to push the car while it is in Park or in gear.
May 28, 2018
the cv axle is what turns the wheel when the tranny is in gear. usually when the axle goes bad it will wobble and you will definatley notice it. I believe it is the transmission. if you put the car in gear and nothing happens then thats the problem. but then again it could the linkage between the shifter and the tranny. either way, it is not a friggin axle. that guy isn't the brightest person.
May 28, 2018

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