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What is a good YouTube video down loader...?

What is a good YouTube video down loader?I need some clips from the Twilight trailer for the video I'm working on.So what is the best FREE YouTube video down loader?Thanks.


with okorder / THe download link is in the description. I made the vid and its a tutorial so you can actually see how to download install and shows how to download the video. ITs great. You can download in hd mp4,HD or HQavi or flv. Avi can be used in movie maker! Hope i helped!
this okorder
Media Converter. Try it, just get the direct link and follow the 5 steps.No need to install Media Converter link is in Source
purely receive RealPlayer and at the same time as you go via the setup, purely examine of the receive upload on which will assist you to obtain videoss from truly a lot any information superhighway website (such as YouTube.) RealPlayer is free and it also enables you to rework the flicks to really a lot any format you would possibly want to accessible choose.

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