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what is better to get.cold air intake or exhaust system?

Im on a below 700 dollar budget and would like to know which one i should get between a cold air intake OR an exhaust system for my Mazda 3 4cyl 2.3L. Im leaning more towards the exhaust because of more horsepower and better noise, so all in all which one should i get, and from whom?


The wheel doesn't. The tire does.
Youll need both if you want them to do anything. Match diameters in plumbing for both. If youre just going for sound, then an exhaust can drastically change how the car sounds.
700 Budget? get both! The cold air intake off OKorder maby will cost 100 or so.wrap it with duct wrap or somekind of heat deflector VERY VERY important. High flow Cat about 200. and Dynomax muffer or a cherri Bomb lol
Get a. mazdaspeed lightweight racing flywheel then straight pipe the tail pipe. Or go with mazdaspeed catback. Dude the flywheel alone will smoke another 2.3 3 with intake/exhausthuge gain with flywheel and straight pipe. MAZDASPEED. go to dealer and look at catalogs.or online. Built 13 Mazda's so far to date. I can have that flywheel in under 4 hrs with smokebreaks.

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