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What is inside a heated blanket?

Like ones that you would use during the winter when it's really cold.


TWENTY YEARS OLD?? I hope you're not depending on it to save your life. Mine are 5 years old and I'm considering replacing them. Mine are wired together so that if one sounds they all sound. So ANY fault and I'm getting a warning of it. And 20 years ago I don't know if they had CO detectors. If not then you definitely want to upgrade to one that detects Carbon monOxide. Hope this helps. '')
e mail me with a number of your codes and ill upload you. ill have your account :D toonup no. 2 capture no. 4 throw no. 7 squirt no. 6 drop no. 4 sound no. 5 my call is T rod and that i'm a sixty 8

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