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what is newtons light ( visible Light )?

i need to know about visible light like 2 interesting facts!!!!!!! lt;3333


i think you meant to assert invented? Its rather meant to be discovered. under is a few info on the detect of the seen ligt spectrum, aka gentle waves. Professor John Tyndall: In 1869 Tyndall discovered the scattering of sunshine with the help of dirt and enormous molecules, now conventional because of the fact the Tyndall effect. He observed that a beam of sunshine, seen because it gone via common laboratory air, disappeared whilst it entered a flask of organic filtered water. He now handed a mild beam via filtered air and have been given the comparable effect – no beam. He deduced that gentle bounces off little debris and into our eyes, allowing us to work out the beam. He discovered that different sized debris scattered gentle in different techniques. seen gentle is composed of 7 different colored lights, commencing from purple to violet, yet is colourless whilst the 7 lights are jumbled jointly. Tyndall stated that the sky is blue because of the fact molecules interior the ambience preferentially scatter the solar’s blue rays. verify the source in case you want greater information. Cheers!
Issac Newton discovered that light was not a single color of light rays, but combination of all the colors on the light spectrum. He shone a white light through a prism and demonstrated the light being split into separate.
Light has got a variety of wavelength but all wavelength lights cannot be perceived by the human eye. Light of 4000 angstrom to 8000 angstrom is visible to the human eye. Light of this range is called visible light.

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