What is Textured yarns ?

Does anyone know what is Textured or Texurized yarns ? I know there are many types like Polyester Texturized yarn, Nylon Texturized, etcI've searched the web but failed to find that what is this actually ?? its spinning procedure, its feelings, its properties, end uses, etcCan anybody help me out to understand it ?Thanksxxx


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I'm not a spinner, but do know there is a book on Amazon that might help you, Spinning Designer Yarns (Paperback) by Diane Varney - your local library may have it available for loanOtherwise, if you live in the Northeast, consider attending one of the Sheep Wool Fiber Fairs/Festivals taking placeYou'll find many spinners in attendance happy to share their knowledge with you~Dee Stanziano Certified Crochet Teacher

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