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what is that plastic air tube that goes from sink to the wall called. How can it be fixed if leaking?

there is a plastic tube that goes from the bathroom sink(strainer) into the wall. It seems to be clogged. How do I go about fixing this if it is leaking?


You have the most puzzling question I've seen here yet! WHAT kind of a bathroom sink(strainer) assembly do you have? -- a plastic AIR tube from the strainer(?) into the wall?!?) If you think it is plugged, what is it supposed to do? What does it seem to be doing now to make you think that it is plugged? You're worried about its leaking. If it IS leaking now, would it be leaking air? Or are you worried that this strange tube might be by-passing the trap in your sink drain and connecting straight to the sewer drain piping in the wall -- thereby possibly allowing sewer gases to leak back into your bathroom. If that is the case, you should WANT that strange tube to be removed from the drain(strainer) and PLUGGED clear to the sewer piping -- if it does go there! Man! you got me bumfoozled!
It sounds like you may have an A/C condensate line attached to your drain. if so, and it is plugged, you'll have water leaking through the ceiling above.
The silicone has to return off...this is leaking, this is not any reliable. flow purchase yet another food capture unit ($10-15) non-compulsory. Scrap off all silicon and putty and start up throughout. positioned a line of plumbers putty on the precise ring the place it sits. positioned a line of plumbers putty under the sink, the place the capture bowel is, and u would desire to have a hoop washer. The gasket is going in earlier the massive washer to tighten the unit mutually. you could choose a channel lock plier sufficiently vast to tighten the ring or purchase a definite wrench that the activity is to coach the massive washer. notice: the line of putty thickness is min. 3/8 to a million/2 thick. (to wrap it on ring and backside of sink. The metallic sinks makes use of a rubber gasket. positioned that on and use puddy.
It should be about an inch and a quarter in diameter. At the wall there is what looks like a big nut. Take a large pliers and turn counterclockwise and take it loose. Take your hand, touch that nut and go back wards toward the sink and you will find another. Take that one off too, counterclockwise. Be sure to have a small bucket under the sink since you will loose some water. Take the plastic piece to the hardware store, buy new gaskets with it and put it back on. Do not over tighten,
It is called a P Trap. Start by tightening all the Nuts. If that fixes the problem; your done. If it does not fix the problem. There are rubber gaskets that seal the pipe from leaking at each joint. Place a pan under the Trap to catch the water and remove it from under the sink. Next inspect the trap for condition. If in good condition, replace all the gaskets and re-install. If it is faulty replace the Trap. Go to the hardware store for parts.

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