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what is the best method for installing pex pipe?

I want to plumb my new extension and so far it seems like pex pipe is the way to go, I'm not worried about the price of the tools to install it so buying a crimp tool does not scare me, What I would like to know is which is the most reliable method . I heard the shark bite fittings are the way to go and their re use able. which would you prefer I am looking for reliability more than anything else


Not that far. If I looked out my window, I can see one. It's right in front of my neighbor's yard on the corner from their front yard to the beginning of my street. From the mailbox, I'd say 20 feet?
Lock it with the key in the door instead of the remote should work
Fire alarms are typical wired with a 3 conductor cable that will alarm regardless of the door when a smoke or fire condition exists If you are concerned with an intrusion system, then an alarm system with a sectional component will allow each section to be monitored at different times. A motion detector rather than a door switch system is a good choice. Consult a local intrusion alarm company for more information and proper design and monitoring.
The one that works is about 30 feet away. Then there's the one the previous owner of this house put on the front lawn.and it gets better, the hydrant's not so bad but he attached a 10 foot flag pole to it O.o never had the money to get rid of it.
Just down the block, not far at all.

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