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What is the best vacuum to get?

Hi,I am looking to buy a vacuum cleaners but am unsure on which one to get? Does anyone have any good recommendations. My price range is about ?150, preferably not a Dyson; and obviously lots of suction lolI have some animal so maybe one with a animal section or something.Oh, BTW i would preferably upright.Thanks


Well, amongst folks with animals, the Dyson is the favorite. We had the supposedly top-rated (by Consumer Reports) Hoover Windtunnel upright prior to our Dyson (which Consumer Reports has no use for). There is no comparison. I have to empty the Dyson at least three times every time we vacuum our 1400 sf house. I could go a month without replacing the bag on the Hoover. Plus, Dysons don't catch fire. I've seen ads for other makes showing their models picking up ball bearings and all kinds of stuff. Next time I need to pick up hundreds of marble-sized steel ball bearings, I'll buy it.

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