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What is the difference between a jute rug and a sisal rug?

Is one of the two supposed to be softer than the other? More durable? Easier to clean? I want a sisal type area rug. I want a casual look that would go with my blend of tradtional and contemporary decor. I do not want a scratchy rug with fibers that quot;stick upquot; like bristles on a brush! I thought the sisal would be softer and more pliant to the touch, but a decorator friend said the jute is what I want.I believe seagrass is the scratchy, bristle-y fiber, and I don't want that. I want a sleek, tailored look.Any suggestions or ideas?


Sisal rugs tend to be more durable. They are both natural fibers. I believe sisal wool rugs are what you're looking for. Sisal - the strength and durability of natural fibers, Wool - the soft underfoot feel. Sisal wool rugs have the best of both worlds - durable and soft. Jute is also soft, one of the softest natural fiber rugs. I guess the best way to compare the textured feel is to go into a rug shop and feel the difference of the materials.
Aug 23, 2017

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