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What is the difference between an lcd touch screen monitor and an lcd monitor?

I have an LCD monitor in my office and it is not a touch screen. Just wondering, what are the differences between a simple LCD monitor and an LCD touchscreen monitor. I am not looking for answers such as you can touch the screen and the monitor reacts to it. I am looking for answers such as in this monitor, there is this technology, etc. Please and thank your for your help (^_^)


One is a touch screen and one isn't. Are you stupid?
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Well, one of them has a touch screen to start? Isn't that a given?
Newer LCD screens are available even in 15- and 17-inch sizes. Until recently, 17-inch touch screens used only CRT monitors. As LCD screens are flat, the viewing area is also larger in comparison to a CRT monitor. That is, a 17-inch CRT monitor will have a viewing area of only about 16 inches where an LCD monitor will have the complete 17 inches. On the downside, LCD touch screens do not display all colors and also can’t display multiple resolutions as well as CRT displays. Despite these limitations, LCD users are favoring touch screens. In fact, smart phones are the most commonly used LCD touch screens.
Standard LCD monitors are just that, a Liquid Crystal Display and a backlight. Touchscreen monitors take a standard LCD monitor and add another screen or clear layer to the front of it. There are several different technologies being used today in touchscreen displays, but most of them usually send an electronic current through the screen and when something touches it, the current or voltage changes. This change helps the screen determine where it was being touched at. ***It is not necessary to have a mouse if you have a touchscreen monitor, but there are some programs that would be easier if you did have a mouse. Also, you might would need a mouse to set up the software for the touchscreen monitor when you first try to use it.

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