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What is the purpose of rugs?

Personally, I think they are kind of dumb. They get all messed up, are hard to wash and attract dog hair like no other. Do you think it makes a house look cheesy with no rugs in the bathrooms, entryways etc?


I need rugs, they preserve my carpet, from my dog's tracking in dirt or mud and people tracking in as well. And, especially in the winter, when people track in rock salt, etc. They are much easier to clean, the ones that are smaller I just throw in the wash. The bigger ones I just use the steam cleaner as I would my carpet. They add detail and color to the room, more than a one color carpet would, and makes it look more spacious. And, they're a lot cheaper than carpet, and when they start looking dingy or ugly, just go out and buy a new one. But, I guess some people don't have rugs, but I can't live without them.
Aug 23, 2017
If anything, put a rug in the bathroom. This way it kind of helps with the water when getting out of the shower. Personally, I think they add a lot of detail and decoration.
Aug 23, 2017
i think its just something to give design and stuff. but yea its pretty dumb. but i if you have wood floors and you put a table there. it would be ideal to have a rug so you don't scratch the floor. and if you have wood floors having a rug would make a good spot for you to just lay down and chill. my dad changed my house to all wood floors and i liked carpet a lot better. Just for living carpet was better. its more comfortable but cleaning wise and stuff. its terrible lol and people dont really have rugs in entranceways. those are floor mats which is different. its so you can rub the mud of your feet when its rainy outside. And as for the bathroom their usually tile. . .so idk why you would put a rug there. . .and it would get all wet and stuff and dry kinda slow.
Aug 23, 2017
there for decoration and for your house to look better
Aug 23, 2017

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