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What is the size of the four piece suit?

What's the size of the four piece suit?


Sheets two meters three multiplied by two meters five, quilt two meters multiplied by two meters three, this is one meter five bed standard size. Sheets two meters, five x two meters, seven, quilt two meters, two times two meters, four is a meter eight bed standard, of which one meter eight bed sheets, can also be two meters, five times two meters five. The size of the pillowcase is basically 48 x 74 cm, one pair. Hope to adopt
There are three general specifications for beds: 1.8M, 1.5M, and 1.2M.1.8M: quilt, 220x240, bed linen, 245x270, pillowcase, 47x74.1.5M: quilt, 200x230, bed linen, 245x250, pillowcase, 47x74.1.2M: quilt, 150x210, bed linen, 200x230, pillowcase, 47x74.Unit: cm.
Four pieces of bed covers, two pillowcases, a quilt cover and a bed sheet, different sizes of beds, the choice of four sets of sizes are not the same.

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