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What kind of axle spline does 86 Monte Carlo Have? Thank you?

Trying to find out what kind of axle spline 86 Monte Carlos had


I own a shop, and work on all kinds of vehicles. I build a lot of differentials, but I'm a little confused at your question. Do you mean how many teeth are in the spline? The rear-end that came in the Monte should be a 2.73:1 ratio, with a single traction type open face gear. If you are wondering if it is a posi-traction or limited slip, all you have to do is jack up the vehicle, and spin one wheel. If the other wheel goes in the opposite direction of the direction you are spinning the wheel, then it's just a normal gear/axle set-up. They came with two different splines, but for a normal stock rear-end it will be the lower of the two numbers. An example would be: Stock axle has 32 spline, while a high performance axle would have 36 splines/teeth. This may not be your exact numbers, but you get the picture. The best thing to do is open it up, and count them. It is always best to know for sure what you got. Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!
May 28, 2018
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