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What kind of carpet is good?

As a part of modern decoration, carpet can not only beautify the living environment, but also improve the comfort of decoration and reduce walking noise. Carpets can be divided into many kinds according to materials, so what kinds of carpets are there? What material is good?


At first, carpets were only used to pave the ground, which played a role in keeping out the cold and humidity and was conducive to sitting and lying. With the development of society. Carpet has gradually developed into a high-grade decoration, which not only has the functions of heat insulation, moisture-proof and comfort, but also has noble, gorgeous, beautiful and pleasing effects, so it has become a necessary product for high-grade architectural decoration. Carpets of different materials are used in different areas, and the best one is the one suitable.
Carpets are generally divided into the following four categories. Let's learn about them together. 1. Pure wool carpet pure wool carpet is a high-grade decoration material for the floors of high-grade guest rooms, auditoriums and stages. It is made of the best quality sheep wool weaving carpets in the world. Cotton wool has long fiber, large tensile force, good elasticity and luster, and the fiber is slightly thick and powerful. 2. Chemical fiber carpet. Chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, nylon (polyethylene eye) chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet, etc. It is made of synthetic fiber into a surface layer by tufting method or weaving method and stitched with the bottom layer of linen. Chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance, elasticity and low price. It is suitable for floor decoration of general buildings. 3. Blended carpet is a floor decoration material made of wool fiber and various synthetic fibers. Because synthetic fiber is mixed in the blended carpet, the price is low and the service performance is improved. For example, after adding 20% nylon fiber to wool fiber, the wear resistance of carpet can be improved five times, the decorative performance is no less than that of pure wool carpet, and the price is more affordable. 4. Plastic carpet is made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, which can be used instead of pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet. The plastic carpet is soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn, self extinguishing and not afraid of moisture. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, houses, etc.

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