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What kind of carpet is good?

Each carpet material has its advantages. Consumers can comprehensively evaluate the cost performance of different materials according to the advantages and disadvantages of each carpet material, and then select high-quality and low-cost carpets according to the decoration needs.


Style classification. The types of European style household carpets, Chinese style household carpets, modern simple household carpets, Korean pastoral household carpets and neoclassical household carpets, etc. So, why should it be divided into so many kinds of household carpets? The main reason is that in order to cater to different decorative styles, the types of household carpets with various styles will also give consumers more choice.
Classified by function. From the functional point of view, we can divide the types of carpets, and we may have more personal experience. The first thing to bear the brunt must be the household carpet used in the living room, which is also a popular choice in the living room. I think the living room is a place to receive guests, a place where relatives, friends or guests stay more. It can not only decorate the room, but also an inner emotion of the host's enthusiasm for others. In addition, household carpets can also be used in bedrooms, study and small balconies. From the functional point of view, the types of household carpets can be roughly divided into these categories.
Classified by manufacturing process. Different craft production methods will also lead to different types of household carpets. Weaving technology is widely used. The most traditional is the Chinese knot we know. The use of weaving technology in the home textile industry is also more common. We say that the types of household carpets can be classified according to the weaving process. The main types of household carpets with weaving process include: the types of manual household carpets, the types of woven household carpets, the types of tufted household carpets, and the types of manual gun stabbed household carpets. The types of household carpets made according to each different weaving process are also different.
Classified by material. Pure wool carpet, pure cotton carpet, synthetic fiber carpet, deer skin carpet, jute carpet, rag carpet, and later silk carpet. With so many kinds of household carpets, their raw materials are different, because the finished products are different in style and price. The price of home carpets such as silk is generally more expensive, which is rare in ordinary families. It is mainly that some villas and luxury houses choose the kind of home carpets such as silk when decorating their rooms.
Chemical fiber carpet: chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, nylon (polyethylene eye) chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet, etc. It is made of synthetic fiber into a surface layer by tufting method or weaving method, and then sewed with the bottom layer of linen. Chemical fiber carpet has good wear resistance, elasticity and low price. It is suitable for floor decoration of general buildings. Plastic carpet: plastic carpet is made of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials through uniform mixing and molding. It can replace pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet. The plastic carpet is soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn, self extinguishing and not afraid of moisture. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, houses, etc. Because the plastic carpet is water-resistant, it can also be used in the bathroom for anti-skid.

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