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What kind of injury is this?

I was walking to the stadium at the OSU game and there was a massive crowd of people so I didn't see the fire hydrant that was in front of me, so I ran my thigh smack into it. Now my thigh is swollen and my knee is also not working right. What injury could this be?


Ok so personally ive never had this prob wit computer.. then again i don't play games on mine. but i am pretty familiar with computers and how they work.. first of all to access the admin account u have to go on to the account that u are able to go on and you have to go to control panel and access users and passwords and reset password so there is no password but for other problems or if that didn't work than call this number. 1-866-930-3355
Yes, by using a lightweight [like a fluffy, down quilt] cover OVER an electric blanket REDUCES HEAT LOSS to the air above.

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