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What kind of paint should I use to paint an area rug?

I have a plain, off-white area rug that I want to dress up a little. I got the idea from a home improvement show where they used paint for the same purpose, but I don't remember the details such as what kind of paint they used or how they were able to completely cover the area desired without having the paint bleed into the rest of the rug. Anyone done this before? Tips?


On HGTV I heard you can paint a rug with Latex paint. You can always go to your home improvement store and ask them, even call them. It was Design Remix, the show that I saw them do it, and it was Latex paint that they used and they said you can paint any rug with it. I would write down what the rug's made out of and call the company of the paint and ask them if you can use it on a rug before doing it. You don't want to use it and have it ruined. I'm thinking as long as it's not a carpet kind of rug, you should be fine. I hope this helps!
Aug 23, 2017
It is going to cause the rug to be stiff and not feel good to walk on you should use dye. Put the dye in a squirt bottle one like what hair dye comes in and use a sheet of metal to separate the carpet and hold it in place while you dye and leave it there till you are done. Do it out side it will soak through the bottom. You can buy 2 strips of metal that is good to use at lowes and home dept.
Aug 23, 2017
I think you should use dye instead of paint. It is a rug after all....
Aug 23, 2017

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