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What lenses should I get for my glasses?

I don't know which material I should get. CR39, Polycarbonate, or Hi - Index 1.60. I wear plastic glasses the most like these


First off, why can't you go to a professional? Secondly, you can't. A safety pin isn't as big as any jewelry you'd find so after shoving the safety pin through your belly button (it'll probably start to bleed, especially since you won't know what you're doing) you'll have to force a bigger sized jewelry into the hole where the pin was. I doubt you'd want to deal with that pain.
I use GeoArm, they are $11 per month for dial up 800 receivers, and $9 per month for a local area receiver account. If you can get into your alarm to program it for SIA, GeoArm won't even charge a setup fee, and they are no contract. * Stay away from Alarm Relay, they are crap and you only get the $8.95 price if you pay annually with a $30 startup. BTW, those older ADT panels need a special alpha / numeric key pad to program or you have to do memory slot by hex on a special hex line enter code list. You can get a new GE Concord kit for a really good price and the wireless sensors are learn mode so you don't have to program in the transmitter seial 's individually which is a huge plus when programming a security panel that can be as complicated as an old Cadex 8 bused panel when programming the relays and time charts on multiple output boards on the comm bus. A DSC basic 4020 alarm panel would be the superior beast for a huge 8 partition ability residential hardwired expandable remote module panel if you need the future business expansion ability and a 4020CF model has the duel telco line backup dialed fire / burglary UL rated module and can handle small commercial installations with a single elevator recall, sprinklers, and fire damper control shutdowns, etc. I wouldn't advise the use of a DSC 24V circuit fire horn / strobe supply, the Wheelock model is far better with 4 circuits. I usually use a Silent Knight 5208 panel if I need that much local FACP horn / strobe power.
Movie stars don't use alarm companies. They have alarms monitored ON SITE by their security staff. Simply safe is a good option for people that don't have money to burn.

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