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What position should I play on roller/ice hockey?

Heres my info. I'm 18, 5'11, and 300 lbs. I have tremendous endurance for a guy my size, decent speed, and athletic to a degree. I can skate forwards just fine, I cant seem to get going backwards, though I know if I could get acceleration I'd be decent. I'd like to get very serious with hockey though I'm starting late. I know ill have to lose weight obviously, but given the info what position would I be most suited to?


When you say The only thing i violated was company policy it sounds as if you knew what you were doing was wrong. Most companies (especially banks and other financial institutions, credit Unions etc) are very protective about their customers, employees and their computer systems. It sounds as if you touched on all three and placed yourself in jeopardy and suffered the consequences (being fired). As to possible prosecution I doubt that this is going to happen and you should not worry about it. From what you say I believe the company had a right to fire you, You need to learn from your mistakes and move forward.
umm duh if you got hit in the head say with uhhh, ok a big rock and if you had your helmet on it would obiously hurt like hell but with out 1 you would probably die. jackets prevent putns if you fall off and gloves are so you get less hand blisters! but for you to ask a question like that im asuming your like 10 so be safe kid and were a helmet kid. good luck don't crash!
The Truth is. It is NOT safer to drive a motorbike if you wear a helmet , jacket , back protector and gloves. Statically, the death/accident rate rises with the use of helmets, etc.. People have something called Risk Compensation wearing helmet , jacket , back protector and gloves cause you to take more risks. Look it up.

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