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What's involved in becoming a part-time electrician?

I have a full-time job but would like to dabble in residential electrical work for friends and family. What would I need to do? I would like some kind of formal license and training but don't want to go back to school or commit to any long-term programs. This is in Massachusetts.


yes you would need to be someones apprentice
Probably some Massachusetts-made part-time wire cutters . . .
You would need a license to do work for others. You MAY find internet classes but still need to take a State test. Then there is the insurance angle. Doing electrical work for others could cost you a whole lot if there is a problem. Friends and relation are the first to sue when there are problems.
Massachusetts Department of Public Safety requires that only licensed electricians can work for hire on electrical equipment, wiring, conduits, motors, etc. To get a license you will be required to work 4000 hours under a licensed Class A or C electrician and complete an extensive training course. Also, you will be required to take and pass an exam. After all that you are required to take 25 hours of certified training every two years. This will be or already has been increased. To work on CCTV, Burglar alarm systems, or Access Control systems a S license is required. If you don't get paid you still have to worry about the exposure and getting insurance to cover this exposure would be impossible if not licensed.

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