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What should I put in my sister's care package?

My sister is away at college and I want to get together a cute care package with a bunch of random gifts, and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for things that they have gotten in a car package (: don't be a prick, please!


You could make her a cookbook of dorm room recipesThere lots of things she can make using an iron and a coffee makerSee the linkMy favorite is foil wrapped s'mores cooked with an ironThen you could send her chocolate bars, giant marshmallows, graham crackers, and aluminum foilIf she doesn't have one already, she will need an iron and a small ironing boardHomemade treats like chex mix or cookies are good, tooFun socks, lipgloss, an umbrella, and a good moisturizing lotion would also be good choices.

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