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What song would be best for the mood of.(again)?

I forgot what number we're up to, I think the fourth oneI'm sorry if I repeat.Here we go with the randomness again!1) Waiting on line in the post office?2) Sharpening pencils?3) Watching the clock tick till the last minutes of work/school?4) Folding paper cranes?5) Hopping across a bridge on a pogo stick?6) quot;Getting high with a strangerquot;?7) Sky diving?8) Dipping the gingerbread man into milk?9) Having your computer fall on you?10) (This one's for Darth) Beating Rick Wakeman in a keyboard showoff? name of a 34 Satellite songGood luck!


1Return To Sender - Elvis Presley 2Repetition - David Bowie 3Time - Pink Floyd 4Mockingbird - Carly Simon 5At The Hop - Danny The Juniors 6One Toke Over The Line - Brewer Shipley 7Free Falling - Tom Petty 8Eat It - Wierd Al Yankovic 9Pain - Elton John 10Winning - Santana Rock Stars Plastic Cars Edit - Yes I Iisten to 34 Satellite Sarah :-)My tastes vary extremely wide when it comes to music.

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