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what speed controller should i use for this motor?

I have a AC motor that I wanted to hook up to a small go cart its 115 dc volts and 4.8 amps what controller thingy (that makes it speed up and slow down) should I use?


Cant be done unless you want to go in 100 ft circles.You need a DC motor to run off of batteries. A cheap AC motor controller it a Singer Sewing machine treadel.
you're able to be able to desire to get a easy dimmer change that's able to controlling inductive lights plenty. merely connect this in sequence with the motor and it may supply a real looking point of administration. determine that the dimmer change has a great sufficient contemporary score for the motor.
the question maybe should read.... how do I get 115 dc volts AC motor? is that alternating current.... or air conditioner? might need a long extension cable?

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