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What three TNA superstars would you like to see the Shield face?

I'd like to see a Shield vs Samoa Joe, James Storm, and AJ Styles match.


Steel toe I'm sure you'd hate to drop something on your foot.
I think it depends, if you have a huge piercing in it then yeah it'll probably make it look even smaller. If you just put a small diamond in, it won't really make your nose look much different. I didnt think it hurt much. I have my cartilage pierced as well and that hurt more than my nose!
Expect to pay at least $100. Wolverine Durashocks are very comfortable pull on boots and not too expensive(around $150), you don't really need to spend a lot on boots just for a summer class, but don't go too cheap or they won't last a week. Steel toe is a plus. Pull on boots are the best, avoid laces. Make sure that your jeans will fit over the boots, to keep the sparks out. Get some heavy duty welding gloves from a welding supply shop, don't waste your money on the Mechanix gloves, they won't do the job. And go ahead an buy two pairs, the first pair will get trashed quick. SAFETY GLASSES! Very important! Most shops won't let you in without them. There will be sparks, molten metal and slag flying everywhere and you're done if you get it in your eye! A welders hat will keep sparks out of your hair. Good luck and have Fun!

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